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Effective Software Testing

SSC Compact Course


A good test suite makes extending, maintaining and debugging a codebase both easier and faster. In this course we will look at the different kinds of tests, and understand how to write good tests. We will also cover different testing strategies, such as test-driven-design when writing new code, or acceptance testing when working with legacy code that doesn’t have a good test suite. Code samples will use the Python testing framework pytest but the concepts also apply to other frameworks and languages


download slides as pdf download course description as pdf

Sample code

A sample project including a test suite is provided at

The sample project is a simple implementation of the game “tic-tac-toe”.


To clone the repo and do an editable install of the package:

git clone
cd effective-software-testing
python -m pip install --editable .[tests]

To run the tests:

python -m pytest

To play the tic-tac-toe game on a 4x4 board:

tic-tac-toe --size 4