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SSC Lunch Time Python

Lunch Time Python

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Welcome to Lunch Time Python - an event series organized by the Scientific Software Center at Heidelberg University.

What it is

Python is a very popular - maybe even the most popular - programming language among scientific software developers. One of the reasons for this success story is the rich standard library and the rich ecosystem of available (scientific) libraries. To fully leverage this ecosystem, developers need to stay up to date and explore new libraries. Lunch Time Python aims at providing a communication platform between Pythonistas to learn about new libraries in an informal setting. Sessions take roughly 30 minutes, one library is presented per session and the code will be made available afterwards. Come by, enjoy your lunch with us and step up your Python game!


Next installment of Lunch Time Python: tba

Here is a list of past sessions which you can reproduce in a Cloud environment by clicking the Binder or Colab (requires a Google account) links below:


Registration for Lunch Time Python sessions is not required. You can still register using this form to

Suggestions for libraries to present are very welcome as a github issue or as an email to the SSC developers


The example codes are available on GitHub and are provided under the permissive MIT license giving you a lot of freedom to reuse and redistribute the code in your projects!